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Memorial Day Road Trip to Baltimore for Yankees Game

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When I arrived home on Sunday night, I decided I was going to the Orioles/ Yankees game. This game has been on my mind for weeks. I couldn’t decide whether to drive, take the bus, travel alone or bring my nephews. A lot of questions went unanswered until a few hours before the game.

Memorial Day weekend was a busy weekend for me since BTL DJS had 9 weddings. My wife went out of town with friends. I knew I was going to have Monday off so I circled this date on the calendar a few weeks back with the intentions of going to the game.

I was going to arrive home late the night before the game. I wanted a friend who could come and help drive so I could bring my nephews. It was my nephew Joshua’s 10th birthday on Memorial Day. His mother had a birthday party for him on Saturday 5/28 but I was not able to make it to Allentown, Pa where they live for the party. I asked my younger brother to come with me but he had to work. I didn’t ask any other friends to come to the game since it was a holiday and most will have family plans.

I arrived at home at 2am on Monday morning from the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in Harrison, NY where I just finished performing at my 4th wedding for the weekend. I booked my bus ticket to Baltimore leaving at 7am with a 10:40am arrival time (perfect).

I set my alarm for 5:30 am, I watched the Dave Chappelle comedy special on Netflix until at least 3:30am (SMH). I woke up at 5:20am, I don’t know why but I never need an alarm clock to wake me up. Working for myself over the years has made me so anxious on never wanting to be late that I can’t sleep when I have commitments. I showered, dressed and packed my murse (lol). I walk to my car to get my sunglasses and finally ordered a uber. (pool of course and with no other pick-ups)

On the bus there were 4 people with Yankee gear going to the game. At least I wasn’t the only crazy person to get on a greyhound for a baseball game (which a friend will tell me later in the day). I slept for the first hour, woke up and spoke to my wife and then started the process of looking for a ticket. I know I must be crazy for not purchasing a ticket before heading to Baltimore. I searched Craigslist, Game time app, stub hub, and the MLB app for a ticket.

When I arrived in Baltimore, the bus station leaves you 1 mile from Camden Yards so I decided to walk. It was the fastest mile ever, I stopped at the Horseshoe casino, walked passed M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens play and still have not bought my ticket, I was in no rush.

I arrived at Camden Yards at 11:30am, There was so many New York fans coming to the game, so I randomly asked people “Where do Yankee fans sit ” most of the responses I received were “sit anywhere Yankee fan run the stadium” LMAO you can’t take NY’ers anywhere.

I finally buy my ticket (Section 30 row 12 seat 5) on the MLB app in a row that seats 7 people. I was hoping my game neighbors were Yankee fans. I walked to the street and bought a bottle of water and original sunflower seeds (I hate the flavored ones) before heading into the ballpark.

After entering the ballpark I see the Yankee players warming up in Leftfield and our fans on the third base side. I walked that way and started talking to other random fans behind the Yankees dugout. A few players stop for autographs but most players don’t even acknowledge the fans (smh).

I head to my seat, which were behind home plate on the first base side. I could see directly into the Yankees dugout. I placed my murse under my seat and head out to walk around the stadium. I return to my seat with lunch. I had double cheeseburger with French fries that cost me $13 (not bad). The entire 13th row is sitting at their seat and all 7 of them are Yankee fans (Yes-Yes). The game starts and 4 ladies arrive to row 12 and are in seats 1-4. They are neutral fans but are big Aaron Judge Fans. They only got excited when he hits his 17th home run of the season. In the bottom of the first inning an older married couple arrive and they are Orioles fans. The lady gets loud every time the O’s have momentum. I asked the couple one question “why is Adam Jones not playing” they answered and that’s our only interaction during the game. One guy in row 13 knew his Yankees and we chatted throughout the game.

It was a pretty good game, we should have won. Brett Gardner’s double should have been a triple. On the fly out he would have scored instead of getting thrown out at 3rd base. Starlin Castro error turned out to cost us the game. Jonathan Holder & Chasen Shreve pitched well out the bullpen. I have a lot of respect for the O’s fans because there was a lot New Yorks fans in the stadium and every time we tried to take the stadium over they booed us. When I went to PNC field in Pittsburgh for the Yankees game in April, our fans took over the stadium.

After the game, I walked around the stadium and bumped into the Ray Lewis statue walking back to the casino. I was looking for something to eat and decided to go to GAME on Warner Street and stayed there until my 7:20pm bus left for the city. We arrived to Port Authority at 11pm, it was a chilly night in New York City. I ordered my Uber pool and arrived home at 11:45pm to my sleeping wife and 2 dogs.

Even though my team lost my 2017 Memorial Day was great!

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